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Black Rose Academy is a realistic human roleplay set at the Black Rose Academy in The United States.
It's a realistic slice of life human roleplay that uses liquid time.
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 Years, classes, cafeteria and after school's clubs

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Student basics
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Years, classes, cafeteria and after school's clubs Empty
PostSubject: Years, classes, cafeteria and after school's clubs   Years, classes, cafeteria and after school's clubs EmptyWed Feb 04, 2015 10:40 pm

The school's times and breaks;

The school starts at 9am and mostly ends at 4pm, leaving enough time for campus students who also need to cook their own dinner, to make their homework.
Each class lasts one full hour (60 minutes) and there are two breaks; one from 11am to 11:30am and one from 1:30pm to 2pm. The school cafeteria is open during both breaks.

Black Rose High school has the following years;

Freshman or also known as 9th grader: These students attend high school for the first time. The first year of their high school life they're called freshmen. These students have the age of 14-15.

Sophomore or also known as 10th grader: These students attend their second year of high school. They are at the age of 15-16.

Junior or also known as 11th grader: Juniors are at their third year of high school. These students are 16-17 years old.

Senior also known as 12th grader: These students are at their fourth and last year of high school. They are 17-18 years old and after finishing this year they will have graduated.

The youngest a person can be when attending to high school is 13 years old, but this happens only when these young students are smart enough to skip a class.

When a student fails most of their tests they will have to redo the year they were in. Most students who redo a class end up graduating at 19, or at the maximum age, 20 years old.

At Black Rose High students can follow these classes;

- Geography class
- Biology class
- English Class (EVERYONE attends this class, at least two hours a week)
- PE class (EVERYONE attends this class, at least 2 hours a week)
- Spanish class
- History class
- Science class (Physics class involved)
- Economics class
- Math class

- Japanese class (extra class)
- French class (extra class)
- Philosophy class (extra class)
- Art class (extra class)
- Music class (extra class)
- Photography class (extra class)
- Latin class (extra class)
- Theatre arts (extra class)

At Black Rose High students can attend to the following clubs;

- Book club (for those who love reading books or maybe even write them themselves)
- Cheerleading club (boys are accepted as well. These students train to cheer on the school's soccer club)
- Chess club (for those who like to exercise their came some more and love playing chess, checkers and ludo or card games like seven bridge, black jack or memory)
- Sports club (for those who want to sport even more than the few PE class hours they have each week)
- Art club (these students often think up the decorations for important school activities, but mostly they just show off their work)
- Students Council; there are three different branches in the Student Council:

* Clubs Management: Members oversee all school related activities. These activities include daily school life, dances, recreation, and Freshmen Orientation. These members will frequently stop at other various parts of the school to evaluate students and how they conduct themselves.
* The Treasury: Members calculate the budget for school expenses and organize various school drives to raise money for future endeavors. They are also responsible for dividing the budget to the various clubs and recreational events throughout the year.
* Decoration Team: Members are generally considered regular members, though they mostly consist of those who are there to fill out punishment. They are responsible for passing out various kinds of flyers, and manning tables at school functions. Obviously they decorate for all events.

* All different branches meet in the same meeting room, they all belong to the same club.

- If a member of this site wants to make their own club which isn't placed on this list, PM the Headmaster or our Moderator, Roki. We will consider your club idea.

The school's cafeteria is only open during lunch breaks and serves these types of food;

- Mini pizzas (once in a while)
- Sandwiches (different types)
- Fruit (for example apples, bananas, pears, etc.)
- Drinks like tea and coffee or coca cola (this one only in the afternoon lunch break)
- Soup (different soups each day)
- Hotdogs (once in a while)
- Hamburgers (once in a while)
- Grilled cheese sandwich (once in a while)
- French fries (once in a while, only in the afternoon lunch break)
- Vending machines filled with snacks

Class/grade schedules;

Years, classes, cafeteria and after school's clubs Qzj3fm
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Years, classes, cafeteria and after school's clubs
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