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Black Rose Academy is a realistic human roleplay set at the Black Rose Academy in The United States.
It's a realistic slice of life human roleplay that uses liquid time.
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 School's statistic information and students

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Student basics
Name: Headmaster
Age: Unknown

School's statistic information and students Empty
PostSubject: School's statistic information and students   School's statistic information and students EmptyWed Feb 04, 2015 10:56 pm

Basic information:

Founder: Headmaster
Existence since: February 3 ''1950''
Admin: Headmaster
Moderator: Roki
Member count: 12
Student count: 28
Males: 18
Females: 11
Colors: Black, white, grey and golden.


= Male
= Female
Sx% = Headmaster's trust (in case SotM)
Rx% = Roleplay trust (in case MotM)
MotM: Member of the Month
SotM: Student of the Month


{This group is OPEN}
Roki Hisaki () S15%/R25%
Hinami Haniwa () S10%/R10%
Ustrina Cosain () S10%/R5%
Abigail Millard () S8%/R20%
Yuki Reed () S10%/R15%
Czech Kichona () S15%/R15%
Mikayla Ogami () S5%/R5%
Zandra Madria () S3%/R3%
Pukak Sikani () S2%/R2%

{This group is OPEN}
Airamyst Ryu () S20%/R30%
Jeamesero/Kochi Tamashii () S20%/R30%
Toru Hisaki () S16%/R17%
Lola Steward () S14%/R14%
Suzette Miles () S10%/R10%
Motomo Amanaki () S14%/R19%
Sancott Gebühren () S2%/R2%

{This group is OPEN}
Hikaru Konoko () S18%/R30%
Shun/Takeru Hasu () S20%/R30%
Haya Bell () S15%/R25%
Deyanira Unestla () S5%/R5%
Zane Reckon Gale () S3%/R3%
Massak Sikani () S5%/R5%
Mosi/Neleh Torakish () S2%/R2%

{This group is OPEN}
Mikazaru Breezing () S14%/R29%
Decoris Juvenca () S10%/R5%
Daigo Tategami () S10%/R21%
Rocco McParker () S0%/R0%
Sakura Kaizen () S14%/R14%
Siyounen Azuma () S1%/R1%
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School's statistic information and students
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