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Black Rose Academy is a realistic human roleplay set at the Black Rose Academy in The United States.
It's a realistic slice of life human roleplay that uses liquid time.
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 Biography template

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Student basics
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PostSubject: Biography template   Biography template EmptyWed Feb 04, 2015 7:16 pm

Biography template

You must AT LEAST use the basics in this template to make a biography.

At campus or with parents?:
How are they able to go to Black Rose High School?:
Dorm room:
Extra classes:
Best classes:
Worst classes:
Relationship status:

* Name: Please put your character's full name here. This exists of first name and last name, and if you would like, a middle name as well.
* Nickname: What do others call your character, or what can they call them? These nicknames can be funny, sweet, annoying, you name it.
* Gender: Is your character male or female?
* Age: What age is your character? Students must be 14 to 18. They can be at least 13 if skipped a class or 19 if had to redo classes.
* SO: sexual orientation; does your character like the same gender (homosexual/lesbian) or maybe both (bisexual), or just the opposite gender (heterosexual/straight)? Look at 'Character (appearance) rules for more information on this subject.
* Appearance: What does your character look like? Are they long, thin, short or well-muscled? What does their hair look like and what color have their eyes? Please be descriptive.
* At campus or with parents?: Does your character live with their parents or do they live at the school's campus? The last thing can either happen by moving away from home due the big distance, an argument with the parents or because the student just wants to.
* Belongings: What belongings does your character have? Do they have a bike, cellphone or mp3-player, etc.?
* How are they able to go to Black Rose High School?: How can your character attend to this school? Do their parents have a lot of money? How?
* Dorm room: What's your character's dorm room number? In the girl's dorm rooms go from 001 to 500, in the boy's dorm it goes from 001 to 600.
* Grade: What grade are they in? Are they a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior? The chosen grade must be linked to your character's age. Ages can be found with each group down below the main forum page (the homepage).
* Classes: What classes does your character follow? Information about classes can be found in the 'About Black Rose High School' forum. You must choose at least 6 different classes, a maximum of 8, no 'extra class' involved.
- PE class and English class MUST be added to your biography!
* Extra classes: What extra classes does your character follow? Can be found in the 'About Black Rose High School' forum. Must choose at least 2 classes, a maximum of 3.
* Best classes: What classes is your character best at? Are they great with languages or do thet get a better score in Science or PE class? Choose at least 1 class; extra classes can be involved.
* Worst classes: What classes is your character horrible at, how hard they even try? Do they suck at PE class or maybe Econimics class? Choose at least 1 class; extra classes can be involved.
* Personality: What's your character like? How do they act and how are they deep inside? Please be descriptive.
* History: What happened in their past? Was there a way they got into this school? Had they a normal childhood or did things happen? We would love you to be descriptive.
* Clubs: What (after school) clubs does your character attend to? Do they, for example, go to the book club after school in the library or do they take part in the school's cheerleading team? More information about (after school) clubs can be found at the 'About Black Rose High School' forum.
* Relationship status: Is your character single or taken? Who is it? (Starting off in the roleplay it can be a NPC, OR an actual roleplay character from someone else IF discussed with and accepted by the admin (Headmaster/me).
* Family: Who's your character's family? What are their parents called and do they have any siblings?
Job: Does your character have a job? If so, where do they work and what do they most likely do?
* Pets: Does your character have any pets? What species are they and what are their names? (Note that people living in the dorms at school aren't allowed to have pets like dogs and cats and loud birds, but school's rules are there to be broken c; ).
* Reference: A picture of your character. For example an anime or manga picture could work.
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Biography template
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