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Black Rose Academy is a realistic human roleplay set at the Black Rose Academy in The United States.
It's a realistic slice of life human roleplay that uses liquid time.
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 Biograpy rules

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Biograpy rules Empty
PostSubject: Biograpy rules   Biograpy rules EmptyWed Feb 04, 2015 7:17 pm

Biography rules

You MUST follow these rules.

- To make a biography, use at least the biography template found in the other topic.
- Post your biography in the 'Unaccepted biographies' section, nowhere else.
- Before posting your biography, first post a joining form. When posting your biography before sending a joining form through private message, your biography gets ignored. The joining form can be found below on this page and in the actual 'Join Black Rose High School' forum.
- You must wait for your biography to be accepted before you can post in rp. If it hasn't been accepted yet, then the post will be ignored and deleted until the biography is accepted. After that you may place your post back up.

Joining form;
Name (characters's first AND last name):
Grade (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior):
Personality (must be detailed in biography):
History (must be detailed in biography):
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Biograpy rules
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